I'm a Marketer! It's My Job To Ruffle Your Feathers.

July 13, 2015


Yup. That's correct. That's my job.

Chief Feather Ruffler!

(or Ms. Ruffler works too)


People hire marketers to take a look at their marketing. And the results of that aren't always what they want to hear.


Sometimes I think if I should ask if they want my opinion or the sugar coated version (which honestly should come with a costly upcharge because it's going to cost YOU big in the end.)


If you have a great business, you need a great message to convey who you are as a business. If you're immersed in the day-to-day, it's possible that seeing the forest through the trees isn't possible. You absolutely need a great logo, a great website and a great strategy.


A fresh set of external eyes is a great way to insure that you're reaching your ideal client.


I've been compiling a list of some great, super honest and candid statements from people who have SAID that they wanted a change in their marketing. Here goes.............and read this in a global sense (cuz it's possible some things apply to you).


  • "We've had this logo since we started! People compliment it all the time!"

  • "My sister-in-law built our website and my brother got mad at me for saying I was thinking of changing it. So we left it as is to keep peace in the family."

  • "I created this logo myself. It's fine."

  •  "You just don't understand my business."

  • "A volunteer did this for us. It will hurt their feelings if we change it."

  • "My daughter does our Facebook. Kids know what they're doing on there."

  • "Our website is fine. We like how the front page looks. It doesn't need words."

  • "I was told that SEO is hogwash by a very trusted friend. We don't need it and don't ask me again."

  • "You marketers are all the same and don't know sh!?. And stop trying to convince me you do."

We all put up walls around us for protection be in in work, family relationships or with our best friends.


Putting a wall up around your business just does not work. It's like a grand mote built around a magnificent castle. Your castle isn't going to fall apart if you allow a professional to take a look inside. 


Someone with marketing, branding, website design or social media strategy experience can help to give your clients or potential clients a clear understanding about who you are, why you do what you do and most importantly, who you want them to see.

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