The Importance of Blogging: Practicing What we Preach

March 20, 2014

As a social media and marketing professional, how many times a day do I talk to people about the importance of doing a blog? Who knows!! - but way too many not to have one of my own - that's for sure! So I'm venturing into blogging and will share stories about what we do, who we meet and share triumphs and challenges.


Why is a blog important? Oh, let me count the ways....


  1. SEO: Google (aka The New Mafia) loves when you post fresh content and posting a blog on your website does just that. It feeds your website with fresh content in order to help push you up in the page ranks. Cuz page 4 of Google might as well be page 2,387,

  2. BRAND: You are what you write. People get to know you and your personality when you write. When they understand you better, you'll be able to attact the clients who will feel right to you.

  3. BACKLINKS: Yeah, we're back to The Mafia again but it works. When you post a blog to your website, you can then share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, etc. The more backlinks you have coming back to your site, the better it is for you in Google.

  4. ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS THE EXPERT: Why not? You know a ton of information about what you do and by sharing it, people will understand how utterly brilliant you are and they'll want to spend money with you.

  5. KEYWORDS: You can add keywords to your blog that are SEO friendly. Why's that important? Have we mentioned The New Mafia? Tags, Titles and Photos all help you with PageRank.

  6. CREDIBILITY: Practice what you preach (see Number 4)


So if you're interested in getting a blog going, we would love to chat about it with you. You can email us,




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